Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pregnant: Now What?

I would like to think I am not the only woman who feels this way after getting their positive pregnancy test.  Moments after seeing that beautiful word on my Clear Blue Pregnancy Test, I then thought to myself, “Okay, now what?” 

First, I need to tell Jonathan.  I waited in the living room for him to wake up, contemplating exactly what I would say.  Telling him in a cute or creative way didn’t even cross my mind.  I just wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to say.  My time to agonize over my phrasing didn’t last long as I soon heard him stirring and he sleepily came out to greet me.  My face must have said everything my mouth couldn’t because he quickly asked what was up.  I told him, “I took a test.”  “And?” he replied.  “It’s positive.”  “You’re lying.”  “It’s on the bathroom counter.  Go see.” 

He jumped out of his seat and ran to the bathroom while I eagerly followed.  I waited in the hall until he came out, smiling.  He wrapped me in his arms and I cried happy tears.  I was pregnant.  First month of trying, after being told that it may not happen for us, and I was pregnant. 

Now Jonathan knew, but I was back to my uncertainty of how to proceed.  I emailed Liz and Dr. Jean, both of whom were thrilled!  My next appointment with Dr. Jean was that Tuesday, so she wanted me to get blood work done on Monday.  And it didn’t take long for me to tell my family.  (Within a few days they all knew, yet they knew to keep it a secret until I got past that first trimester.)

Once I saw Dr. Jean, she confirmed the pregnancy with the results of my blood test.  Looking at my chart we knew exactly when I conceived: August 8, 2012.  That meant we knew my exact due date: May 1, 2013.  I was not quite four weeks pregnant yet.  I needed to wait a few more weeks to have an ultrasound to determine if the pregnancy was viable.  If all looked good, then I would begin my bi-weekly shots of progesterone. 

Thankfully, that first ultrasound looked wonderful!  Jonathan and I sat nervously and anxiously in the exam room.  I had been getting my blood drawn twice a week to continue to monitor my HCG levels and my progesterone.  We watched as my HCG levels soared.  Being a twin myself, I knew what that meant…the possibility of multiples.  My heart danced at the thought!  I always tell people, “My twin sister is the greatest thing about me.”  She has been my best friend from the beginning of time, before we were even born.  How incredible it would be to have twins of my own!

However, Jonathan did not feel the same way that I did.  The thought of twins terrified him.  How do you care for two babies at once?  How do you pay for two babies at once?  More than that, how can you love two babies at once?  I told him if I were to be pregnant with twins we would just have to figure it out.  So until the time came for my ultrasound, I think he just held his breath. 

He finally exhaled when across my stomach the ultrasound wand revealed ONE beautiful sac.  As it flickered my eyes welled with tears.  That was my baby.  Only the size of a blueberry, yet looking more like a kidney bean, this baby was forming arm and leg buds.  The hemispheres of the brain were growing, red blood cells were being churned out, and the appendix and pancreas were already formed.  My baby was healthy and growing. 

Image of baby at 7 weeks

Thus, our plan began for me to take progesterone shots to maintain the pregnancy.  With my history of endometriosis there was the possibility that my body would not produce enough to sustain the pregnancy.  I would get a shot twice per week which would be administered by my mother, who is a nurse.  To make sure that I was taking the appropriate dosage of progesterone, I would also get a weekly blood test.  I would do this for the first twenty-two weeks of my pregnancy and then revisit whether or not I needed to continue with my shots. 

It all seemed so scary and daunting at first.  I remember panicking each and every time I went to the bathroom, praying that I wouldn’t see blood.  I remember feeling so nervous with every new pain I felt as my abdomen stretched to accommodate my new little companion.  Soon, I would learn to trust my body, as it gave my each and every indication that things were progressing and moving forward.

Continue following along to see how I handled my symptoms of pregnancy.

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