Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Learning About Pregnancy

I will happily write more about my pregnancy amazing benefits of using NaProTechnology through my journey, but for now I would like to focus on the much more fun aspects of getting pregnant.  Those who have waited to get a positive pregnancy test or those who are still waiting have probably visited the internet a time or two to check symptoms.  Well, the obsessing over symptoms does not stop with two pink lines.  Rather, I think it only increases the obsession.  So what should we do?!

My dear friend, Jenn, prepped me on all of the websites that are vital to exploring and visiting upon learning you are pregnant.  If you are anything like me, you will sign up for all of these great websites, yet visit only your favorites.  You may find that some sites have more beneficial information than others, especially considering what kind of plan you have for feeding your new baby.  Nevertheless, all can offer some great insight.

Some of my favorites:

1. – I loved this website for so many reasons.  It not only sent me weekly updates as to how my baby was growing, but it also provided endless articles and tools for answering questions related to pregnancy and beyond.  They also have an app for your phone, which I had and used daily.  Particularly, I enjoyed visiting the monthly Birth Club to see the experiences of other moms-to-be.

2. – For the inquisitive mom that just has to know what is happening at all times, this site is for you.  They offer a customized pregnancy calendar that details each and every day of your pregnancy.  I found this to be phenomenal and really allow me to bond with my baby, as I knew how she was progressing each and every day.  Definitely my favorite one of all!!

3. – Although I had the book, I also signed up for weekly updates from What to Expect When You Are Expecting.  Much of the same information that I had received from Baby Center was covered in their emails.  However, I found that I enjoyed their articles a bit more.

4. – Sign up!  It had always been my plan to breastfeed my baby.  However, I know that sometimes things are beyond our control and we don’t always get to parent the way we envision.  Therefore, I signed up here.  Along with emails and coupons, Similac mailed me tons of formula to try.  I stockpiled all of it, in case I would need it once the baby was born.  Totally worth it!

5. – Sign up!  The same wonderful deal that is offered through Similac is offered through Enfamil.  They send you coupons by email and standard mail, as well as formula samples.  Even if formula is not in your plan, sign up anyway!  I ended up being able to give my friend my unused formula, which can be very costly.

There are dozens of other sites that you can visit that offer great information and insight in to your pregnancy.  However, be warned that it can become significantly overwhelming at a time in your life when you are probably already feeling pretty overwhelmed.  If that’s the case, stick with a few sites that give you basic information on the development of your little one.  There are too many sites and message boards that can create unnecessary stress and fear, so stay away from them! 

Stay tuned for my favorite products recommended for every pregnant lady J  

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