Thursday, March 27, 2014

Home Improvement

I apologize for the long delay in between posts.  Along with trying to grade projects, papers, and tests for the end of the quarter, I am also in the midst of planning my daughter's first birthday party and preparing for my twin sister's wedding (and all of the fun events leading up to the big day!)  So naturally, I felt that this was the perfect time to tackle a big home improvement project.

Jonathan and I have owned our home for a little over five years.  In that time we have redone all of the bedrooms, updated the kitchen and appliances, installed a patio, had recessed lighting put in every room, and painted and sanded every other space we could find....with the exception of our basement.  Our basement is straight out of the 1960's.  We have wood paneling, a bench seat covered in burnt orange upholstery, and of course, a bar.  Walking down the stairs to the basement is like walking down the stairs of time.  I have come to love that space, as we spend much of our free time there.  However, Jonathan does not find the room to be as cozy.

Never one to let things be and always ready to tackle the next project, I took it upon myself to paint the paneling.  Yet in order to paint, you must sand.  In order to sand, you must empty the space.  In order to empty the space, you have to find time.  Since this week is my Spring Break, I figured it was now or never.  Yet this little project is taking far longer than I had ever anticipated.  The sanding took three times as long.  There were 6,428 nail holes to fill and sand flat.  I opted for cheaper paint at a large chain store, rather than my trusted Sherwin Williams.  Therefore, the project is not going smoothly and is taking what feels like forever!

I am sure it will be finished at some point, but it has put my next post on hold.  Stay tuned for my post on Trying to Conceive and perhaps a finished photo of our *hopefully* beautiful basement!

 My supplies

 Our lovely brick-faced bar

 The sixteen foot bench - cushions removed

A view of the rest of the room

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