Thursday, February 26, 2015

Oh Hi, Morning Sickness. It's You, Again.

Remember when I said I was really sick with Kendall?  And then I made sure to highlight that I was SUPER sick?  And then I said I almost enjoyed it?  No?  Well, you can find all of that nonsense here.  Because that’s exactly what it is.  Nonsense.

This baby seems to not like me.  Not in a, “Hey, I don’t like you so I’m just going to ignore you,” way.  More in a, “Hey, I don’t like you so I am going to really torture you to make your life total hell,” kind of way.  I don’t think I really knew sickness until I got pregnant with Baby #2 (whom I affectionately call “Nugget,” at least in my prayers and when I talk to the baby).  Baby Nugget has made me sick from pretty much day one.  Again, like I said before when I was pregnant with Kendall, if being sick means a healthy baby then that’s awesome.  But if I could have a healthy baby without being so horrifically sick that would be even more awesome.

Someone told me, “Oh, that’s just what Princess Kate has!”  Whoopie boopie.  I truly don’t care.  Of course, I feel sorry for her that she has to deal with being sick as well, but at least she has a team of people to help her.  She’s a princess, for crying out loud!  I bet she has someone to spray her face with a cool mist while she hangs her head over the toilet to get sick for the twentieth time that day.  There is another person there who is combing the hair out of her eyes, despite the sweat making it cling to her forehead.  Then there are the other folks who are taking care of everything else like the cooking, cleaning, laundry, and oh yes, toddler raising.  I have none of that.  So really, how similar can our situations really be?  (Kendall did venture in the bathroom with me recently as I got sick, only to say “EW!” and then try to close the toilet lid on me.  Hey, at least I wasn’t alone).

Since I had some experience with such sickness, I knew immediately to ask for Zofran.  However, since I was super early in my pregnancy and I hadn’t seen my regular OB, my sweet Dr. Jean was the one to prescribe it.  She prescribed a lower dose, I think because I was so early.  It. Did. Nothing.  So I took more than the one that she told me to take.  Still nothing.  No worries.  I had the internet to supplement all that I should do.  The following is the list of morning sickness remedies that I tried and that failed.

Vitamin B supplements
Magnesium supplements
Magnesium oil spray
Epsom Salt soaks
Oil pulling
Sea Bands
Ginger ale
Ginger tea
Ginger ale mixed with ginger tea
Eating small, frequent meals
Eating before getting out of bed
Not eating at all
Coke syrup
Lavender oil

It seemed I would be doomed to endure the morning sickness.  However, despite struggling so mightily with feeling sick, taking care of a toddler, and starting back to school, I knew I had to remind myself that I was lucky.  These were wonderful symptoms of life (even if I felt like death).  How many women would love to experience these same symptoms and endure these reminders that they are creating life?  Always, when you look at it from that perspective, does it make it all worth it. 

I’m still struggling with feeling sick and getting sick.  I can go days without throwing up and then suddenly, I am sick again.  Yet it will pass, eventually.  And soon enough there will be a little baby to let me know it has all been so very, very worth it.  

*Since this was written oh so long ago, I will tell you that my sickness lasted far longer this pregnancy than it did last time.  Much, much, much longer.  And much, much, much worse.  Hoping for the healthiest little baby ever!

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